What is 'The Bridge Lodge' Company?

The Bridge Lodge is an award-winning seasonal food company based in North Wales. Our handmade and small-batched products are centred around the wild ingredients we forage from our land. With all of our products, we aim to make them as healthy, tasty, and most importantly, seasonally based as possible. Our company also promotes healthy living, both eating well & sustainably. 

Why is the company called 'The Bridge Lodge'?

We get this a lot! So here's the short version: The Bridge Lodge is the name of Lilly's grandmother's house, essentially a old river lodge next to a bridge that connects Wales and England together! The lodge is where we have our production headquarters and office area. The land surrounding the lodge is where we forage our wild ingredients for our products. 

Where do you sell your products?

We sell our products within the British Isles, mainly in farm shops, delicatessens, and online. We also attend food fairs, festivals & markets. Please see our 'Events' page for more information. 

Do you deliver your products?

We deliver our products within a local boundary, there are additional tariffs to those that are out of our local area. Please contact us on our 'Contact' page for more delivery information.  

Can I return a product?

We do not do a return policy. All of our products are hand-produced & made in small batches so each product we produce is given their own loving care & attention in order to uphold our own high standards. 

Legal Policies

Here at The Bridge Lodge we aim to a fair, ethically run business. Every aspect of what we do will be to satisfy the customer in both service and product execution. 

- All customer information is kept private when purchasing a product from our 'Shop'

- We do not share any information of personal data 

- We do not send out nuisance emails to customers who have purchased from us 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us on our 'Contact' page. 

"Bringing the flavours of the landscape to life."
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