Awarded 1* Great Taste Award 2017 


Here it is, our long awaited Wild Garlic Leaf Salt! Using the finest Welsh sea salt, Halen Môn Sea Salt PDO, we have mixed in our dried wild garlic leaves to make a smokey fragrant aromatic salt. It is scrumptious with any savoury dish. Simply sprinkle on a fillet of fish or slices of steak, season a sauce, dabble on fries, or finish off a salad.

The design of the packaging is another aspect that we like to focus on. We have designed something that is fun and eye-catching that will hopefully stand out on the shelf. The packaging itself portrays our ethos as a company, using an aluminium tin that can be recycled or used after as another container when the salt has been eaten.

Made with 100% Welsh ingredients! Salt weight 60g. 


Halen Môn Sea Salt P.D.O., Welsh Wild Garlic Leaves (10%). 

"Bringing the flavours of the landscape to life."
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