Forage: Horseradish

Wild Horseradish is one of the easiest things to forage and can be found almost anywhere in the country! It grows in patches along the edges of fields and lanes, in verges and on uncultivated wastelands. Horseradish is easily distinguishable by its upright, serated, stong green leaves. The root is the part that you will want to forage and you will need a garden fork to dig them out of the ground as they are tough to get out by hand.  Below is an image of a leaf, so you will know what to look out for. 

 To dig out the roots, dig into the ground near the base of the plant with a garden fork. Angle the fork away from you while it is in the ground and loosen the earth around the root until in comes loose. You should then be able to pull it out! The root should be large, cream coloured and have  a strong, distinct horseradishy aroma. It is best to use the roots as soon as possible to preserve the fiery flavour! It is lovely grated on to steaks or beef, or turned into a horseradish sauce! 


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