'LAND' Supper Club


LAND was the second of four supper clubs The Bridge Lodge x Hawarden Estate Farm Shop are hosting this year. All four supper clubs will be taking inspiration from different parts of our landscape that surrounds both TBL x HEFS here in North Wales. The second, LAND, was a delight to host, with such beautiful weather to match!



The menu was inspired by the LANDscape that surrounded us, from the undulating valleys and brooks to the vast stretches of field and meadow. We cooked local marinated chicken over Scandi-candles and wonderful local vegetables. 



The arrival cocktail was a cornflower-infused gin, served with a foraged chocolate mint & locally-grown cucumber. The starters were deep-fried goat's curd balls served with local watercress and radishes grown on the HEFS land. The entire three-course menu was seasoned with Halen Mon Sea Salt and North Welsh Rapeseed Oil (bee-friendly of course!)




LAND | Supper Club Menu



Deep-fried goat’s curd balls, gooseberry chutney, radish, watercress, marigold flowers, hawthorn buds



Flame-cooked honey & butter marinated chicken, Cheshire potatoes, fennel fronds, charred courgette & pea shoots



Thyme Panna cotta with wild rose syrup, elderflower & pink honeysuckle Turkish delight with borage & elderflowers



Local Salad of Pea Shoots, Watercress, Red Oak Leaves, Lollo Rosso, Yellow Chard, Red Chard, Mustard Leaves & Flowers, Radish Leaves & Flowers


Hawarden Bread & Wild Garlic Butter


Foraged Cocktail
Cornflower Gin Chocolate Mint, Apple & Cucumber




Our third WOODLAND | Supper Club will be hosted on the 4th August 2018. Contact us for more details! 



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