Winter Seasonal Ingredients



Our 'Seasonal Shopping List for Winter'


These chilly months of Winter is the time of year for cosy root vegetables and game. It's a tougher one for foraging though! Towards the end of January we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for the first sproutings of Wild Garlic to pop up. Then time for replenishing our Wild Garlic Pesto & Salt stock! 


Here is a shopping list of British seasonal foods for Winter: 



- Nettle 

- Hawthorn berry 

- Rowan (Mountain Ash) Berry 

- Whitebeam Berry

- Sloe Berry 


Vegetables and Fruits

- Apple

- Beetroot

- Brussel Sprouts

- Cabbage 

- Carrots

- Celariac

- Kale

- Onions 

- Parsnips 

- Spring Greens

- Squash 

- Turnips 



- Pheasant 

- Pigeon

- Partridge 

- Venison

- Mussels

- Oysters  

- Whiting




We may think that this time of year there isn't much to use before spring raises its bright head but you would be very wrong indeed. There are LOTS of lovely seasonal ingredients to be had so get some recipes cooking! 



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